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Aside from being an author, Geraldine offers various services for her clients. Please contact her for exact quotes.

Developmental Editing

A developmental editor offers specific suggestions about the core intentions and goals of the book before the writing begins, the underlying premise, the story, character development, use of dialogue and sensory description, the polish, narrative voice, pacing, style, language the craft and literary art of the book.

 Examines all the elements of writing, from words and phrasing of sentences to overall structure and style.


•Rewrites and restructures the text to fit the format.

•Chooses the right words and phrasing of sentences to match the overall structure and style.

•Revises entire paragraphs or sentences to improve flow.

•Ensures consistent structure.

•Identifies gaps in content, and supplies or describes the needed copy, so the author can resolve them.

•Deletes content that is outdated or that does not achieve the desired marketing focus or tone.

•Tightens sentences by using active verbs and eliminating redundant phrases.


Corrects grammatical errors, typos and disjointed sentences.

Manuscript Critiques

A manuscript critique includes a 2-3 page critique and evaluation of the overall premise, plot, characters, POV, tone, style, theme, structure and suggestions on how to improve and present your story. 


A blog or article includes fresh content ranging from 1000-1500 words about any topic. 

Book Description/Book Synopsis

A book description entails 1-2 paragraph description of what your book is about. A book synopsis is a detailed 2-3 page summary of your book. 


"I enjoyed working with Geraldine as my editor as we worked on my second book, Shards of Time. I felt we have many things in common, growing up in a familiar background, she understood why my brains were wired that way. She was very understanding, patiently guiding me and helping me to stick to my theme drawing me back to the topic when I started to stray. Geraldine helped to tighten my story up, emphasizing conflicts and resolutions. She taught me how to create scenes utilizing all five senses to create interest for my readers. Working with her was definitely a positive experience and I am truly grateful that I’d learned so much about the publishing process. I definitely highly recommend Geraldine." - Mitos Suson, Author of Shards of Time

"She’s my number one Editorial Writer and have worked with her on over 50 projects. As a Fashion and Editorial photographer for numerous magazines, I like to produce my own editorial content, and having a writer that I can depend on and finishing the project way before the deadline is the key to everything. Geraldine’s fastidious approach to the projects that I assign her makes it so seamlessly easy. I don’t have to worry about anything once I have introduced her to my subjects. She’s an amazing writer and has a very good heart." - Vincent Gotti, Fashion and Editorial Photographer

"Heaven sent Geraldine my way when the self-proclaimed award-winning ghostwriter could not deliver quality at par with his marketing spiels. At the onset, Geraldine was very honest and upfront that my Memoir is best written by myself with her as my development editor. From my readers’ feedback, I must have delivered a compelling Memoir peppered with my emotions and sincerity, and I credit Geraldine for the guidance and for teaching me the art of writing. As she helped me unlock my emotions of twenty years ago, writing my story became a healing process. She’s not only an excellent developmental editor; she is also a very good writer in every subject and style. Thank you, Geraldine, for helping me share my story and teaching me the joy of writing."- Leah Almario-Rivera, Author of The Promise of Lilacs

"Best about Geraldine is her ability to quickly assess the unique needs of the client while analyzing what’s relevant for the editorial project from team structure to tone of voice, process and actual edits in the first conversation. Working with Geraldine is seamless." - Barbara Kitane, President & CEO

Ampersand Design Think Lab Corp.

"Geraldine is such a joy to work with! She delivers with high quality and speed. I admire her professionalism especially when she gives and asks for feedback. Geraldine understands the goal of both client and studio." - Keziah Kitane, Business & Culture Manager Ampersand Design Think Lab

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